Eye Conditions

The Most Common Treatments of Eye Conditions

A lot of people consider their eyesight as their most vital sense; therefore, it would only be logical to take care of your vision by going to an optometrist on a regular basis. However, one other part that comes with maintaining great vision would involve actually realising when something is wrong and getting treatment for the problem. Here are several eye conditions, along with their symptoms, methods and remedies to help correct them, as needed.

Two highly common eye conditions would be far and near-sightedness. Far-sightedness, or myopia, refers to seeing things clearer when they are far away, while things that are close are blurry. Near-sightedness, or hyperopia, refers to the opposite of that.

Although a lot of people will just choose to get contact lenses or glasses for such eye conditions, a lot of other people are now opting for LASIK eye surgery as an alternative. This refers to refractive surgery, which can treat both far- and near-sightedness, and even astigmatism, an eye condition where eye optics can no longer concentrate on point objects into sharp-focused retina images. This will result in blurred vision.

Other common eye problems would be eye conditions that are related to age, like glaucoma and cataracts. Cataracts can actually form at any conceivable age; however, they are more common in older people. This happens when the lens of the eyes clouds and makes vision dim or blurred since light can no longer pass through. Earlier cataract stages are treatable with contact lenses or glasses, but it is not possible to complete get rid of cataracts unless cataract surgery is performed, a highly common procedure of eye surgery.

Glaucoma characterises a whole group of various eye conditions, in which there are damaged optic nerves related to higher eye pressure. This will result in a reduced vision field and blurry vision. Glaucoma happens to be very common within people aged forty and up and is effectively and easily treated if detected earlier on. One common treatment form of glaucoma would be eye drops, which can relieve eye pressure. Surgery would be another option.

One other common eye problem would presbyopia, which refers to the loss of ability in focusing and is also related to age. Within younger people, the eye lens is still flexible, giving the eyes a better focusing range for near or far distances. However, as people get older, the eye lens tends to lose its flexibility along with the overall ability to concentrate on nearby objects. Contact lenses and glasses would be the most common treatment form for these eye conditions.


Although you should connect with your eyesight and any eye conditions that might come about, it would also be essential to see an optometrist regularly for eye checkups in order to pinpoint any eye conditions as soon as possible. Optometrist can then recommend certain courses of action to treat your eye conditions and ensure that you take good care of your overall vision at all times.