Oral Conditions

How to Choose Toothpaste Based on Oral Conditions

If you want to buy natural toothpaste, you are probably concerned with your oral health. This is a great sign since a lot of people hardly practice good oral health anymore. It is true that natural toothpaste would be much better compared to regular commercial toothpaste when it comes to your teeth; however, it would be of the utmost essence to choose one that is ideal for your mouth. In order to this, it would be essential to completely understand any unwanted oral cavity processes since toothpaste is usually made to treat several essential oral conditions.


Decay happens due to acid-producing bacteria that live inside the teeth’s plaque. Here, they can thrive because they can stay away from toothbrush bristles. Because of this, the majority of decay can be found between the teeth and on the chewing surfaces of the teeth. Even great flossing and toothbrush tactics cannot reach a lot of these places. Fortunately, if you teeth happen to be demineralised, they will have the power to absorb saliva minerals and re-mineralise themselves. However, if the demineralisation is stronger, the demineralised areas could eventually cavitate and become so deep that you would need fillings. Because of this, you would need natural toothpaste that has ingredients that can help in battling such cavities.


Teeth can go throughsensitivity due to various oral conditions and should be discussed with dentists if it turns into a huge problem. The most common cause of sensitivity would be gum tissue recession, where the teeth’s root surface gets exposed. Without its protective enamel covering, heat and coldness are easier to trigger and will create pain responses. Fortunately, some toothpaste ingredients can help with oral conditions of sensitivity, as well.

Plaque and Tartar

Bacteria always live in mouths and it is practically impossible to totally get rid of them. Such bacteria create sticky substances, which attach them to the teeth’s surface where they will live and multiply. Until they are brushed away, they will keep growing and turn into biofilm or plaque. If plaque is ignored, it could absorb saliva minerals and then calcify into harder substances called tartar, which is even more difficult to remove and would require help from a dentist.

Tartar or plaque bacteria could lead to decay or inflammatory gum responses that could cause oral conditions like pain, gingivitis, bleeding, and bad breath. Tartar could also form on the teeth’s surface and cause teeth support structures to diminish. Such an oral condition is known as periodontal disease. If severe, teeth could start to fall out. Therefore, plaque needs to be removed before it becomes tartar and natural toothpaste can help with these oral conditions.

Understanding the most common oral conditions of health can help you choose the ideal kind of natural toothpaste for you. If you spend time understanding the numerous ingredients that can be found within typical toothpaste and natural toothpaste, and if you understand how to differentiate them, you can start looking at the endless available options today to find the one that will suit your personal needs.