Skin Conditions

How to Improve Skin Conditions

Although several medications and drugs do have the power to alleviate pimples within a short span of time, you should know that they do not have any long-lasting effects. Not too long after you take such medications, chances are that your pimples will merely come back. In several cases, some withdrawal symptoms might even occur. If you suddenly stop taking topical medications, your skin conditions could get worse and you might even get more prone to things like pimples after you stop. Unfortunately, it would practically be impossible to make use of such topical treatments on a continual basis.

Probably the greatest way to deal with such skin conditions would be with natural treatments. Even though people of every age suffer from skin conditions like pimples, it happens to be more prevalent among the adolescent youth. Teenagers that have reached puberty tend to be much more prone to pimples, as are adults that have open pores, oily skin or other similar skin conditions.

If you have oily skin conditions, too much sebum secretion from sebaceous glands could be causing your acne, while hormonal imbalances could happen because of pregnancy and menstruation that also commonly contributes to the formation of acne within adults.

To start off with, you should take a look at the kind of foods you have to eat. Make sure that you start each day with a meal that is healthy. This means that you have to stay away from greasy meals, fast food, processed meals and foods that are high in sugar. Consume lots of leafy green vegetables, as well. Plus, tons of water – around eight to ten glasses – has to be added to your daily diet. If you eat a lot of chicken and your body just happens to be prone to getting acne because of consuming fried foods, cooling down your body would be of the utmost essence.

If you would rather purchase several over-the-counter medications without any prescriptions, like topical antibiotics, you can do so. However, keep in mind that such medications will only work while you use them. Regularly exfoliating skin that is prone to acne and making use of steam every week could also help in unclogging your pores. If followed with an astringent application to close these open pores, that would be even better.

Avoid bursting or squeezing pimples with sharp objects at any cost. If acne pus ever oozes out, make use of cotton pieces and astringent to get rid of it instead; never touch or squeeze the pus.

On a similar note, acne and skin rashes can be treated through aloe vera applications. Aloe vera refers to an herb, which is usually grown within small pots, also happens to be a great medication to heal wounds. Make use of mint leave or cucumber paste on acne to see a significant difference in just a few days. This can be used to alleviate any boils or skin eruptions, as well.


Skin conditions like eczema, however, normally require medical treatment compared to anybody cream application or natural herb. In such cases of skin conditions, only dermatologists will truly be able to help you.