Buttock Pain

Buttock Pain - The Causes

Numerous things could cause buttock pain, but it would depend on what you talk about.

Buttock Pain in the Buttock Muscles

Is your buttock pain inside the big muscles of your buttocks as you sit, stand, walk, exercise, or have sex? If you press the centre of your buttock muscles, does your buttock pain get worse? What about if you get massages and that particular area gets hard rubs – do you jump from the pain? Does the buttock pain go all the way to your legs? Is your buttock pain dull, sharp, aching, or burning all the time? Does the pain stop you from having a good night’s sleep? Do you get cramps? If you have answered ‘yes’ to all of the above, your buttock pain iscaused by the sciatic nerve.

Your sciatic nerve refers to a big nerve, which appears from your lower back’s spine, goes through the buttock muscle and into the legs. It usually gets aggravated because of stress. With stress, the muscles get tenser and will squeeze onto that nerve to cause all kinds of symptoms and even make your life quite miserable.

Buttock Pain in the Lower Back and Buttock

The lower buttocks and the lower back are connected closely, so if you get buttock pain in a particular area, you will probably get pain in other areas, too.Your sciatic nerve happens to run through the buttock and the lower back. While several people only get pain in their lower backs, several people might only get buttock pain and other people might get lower back pain that goes down to the legs. These would describe typical issues of the sciatic nerve.

Buttock Pain in the Anus

This is most likely caused by haemorrhoids, which are veins inside of the anus that get hard, sensitive, and swollen. Sometimes, the haemorrhoids can even be seen if you look at your butt in a mirror by bending over and spreading your butt cheeks. The haemorrhoids might look like round and small purple balls or swollen and red. Haemorrhoids happen due to prolonged periods of sitting,constipation, dehydration, and pregnancy. Being dehydrated chronically would be a primary constipation cause that could lead to haemorrhoids.

Buttock Pain at the Buttock Crack

If you get redness, soreness, itching, mild bleeding, or burning at the top of the buttock rack, you might be suffering from pilonidal cysts. These are quite painful and afflict men much more compared to women. It usually happens from ages 15 to 24 and is normally located near the coccyx. However, this condition could also affect the penis, navel or armpit.


Pilonidal cysts usually get fungal or bacterial infections. If you wish to personally treat yourself, get over-the-counter anti-bacterial creams and use them twice every day after a shower. If it does not get better after several weeks, you may need to see a doctor, no matter how humiliating the thought may be.