Hand Pain

How to Easily Get Rid of Hand Pain in an Instant

Although the causes of hand pain could be localised problems, it could also be a sign of various other diseases.

The hands happen to have the ability of precision and power, which results in hand pain coming with weakened grips when it comes to hand disorders. A total physical examination along with a careful history would therefore be of the utmost essence. Symptoms that are present within other parts of the body would also be essential to establish.

Here are two serious problems of the hands:

  • Hypertrophic osteoarthropathy, where there is hand pain and swelling, usually happens when patients have cancer.
  • Reflex sympathetic dystrophy, which is caused by sympathetic nervous system disorders, usually comes with burning hand pain. Precipitating factors might include trauma, while changes in colour might include purplish finger discoloration. Its treatment would involve special effective procedures known as stellate ganglion block and are normally performed by anaesthesiologists.

Here are various hand problems that could point to various other diseases:

  • Abnormal patterns of the blood vessels near fingernails might be signs of auto-immune diseases, such as lupus.


  • Bumps known as nodules could occur due to gout, osteoarthritis, or rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Depuytren’s contracture occurs where the palm’s skin gets shorter and thicker. Tissue cords develop and might make the fingers bend into the palm. Treatment might come in the form of physical therapy, steroid injection, and splinting. Usually, surgery would be required and the condition may occur with various medical diseases.
  • Psoriasis could also cause lifting up or pitting of the fingernails.

  • Reynaud’s phenomenon occurs when the fingers turn white and might be signs of underlying autoimmune problems like scleroderma or systemic lupus erythematosus.

Practically any kind of arthritis could affect the hand. When poorly treated or completely untreated, arthritis could lead to deformities. Tendonitis would be one other common hand problem that causes localized swelling and hand pain. In fact, it is usually confused with arthritis.

Tendonitis happens to be most common on the palm and causes triggering or locking of fingers. Physical therapy and steroid injection are highly effective treatments that include anti-inflammatory medication, splinting, physical therapy, and steroid injection.

In order to alleviate hand pain, here are several tips:


  • Avoid any repetitive movements whenever possible.
  • Carry objects with flat and open palms to take pressure off of fingers and wrists.
  • Enlarge tool handles.
  • Ensure that you rest.
  • Use the whole arm in place of just the wrists and hands.
  • Wear splints if you want to do tons of motions that are repetitive.
One very common cause related to hand pain would be carpal tunnel syndrome, where the wrist’s median nerve is pinched and the hands end up tingling. Burning hand pain might also happen and night discomfort might be experienced, as well. Carpal tunnel syndrome causes include pregnancy, arthritis, trauma, endocrine problems, tumours, and infection. Carpal tunnel syndrome treatment would depend entirely on its severity. Any hand disorder treatment would completely depend on making specific and accurate diagnosis.