Hip Pain

Easy Ways to Get Rid of Hip Pain

A lot of people all over the globe can no longer get up out of bed just to go to the bathroom without any help due to hip pain. What is not understandable is how many people live with this hip pain when so many treatments can be found in today's day and age.

The joints of the hip tend to play a significant role when it comes to walking and bearing weight. This joint brings together a wide motion range with good stability and includes the top of the femur, which is ball-shaped. The femur lies within a cup-like part of the pelvis known most commonly as the socket and is surrounded by highly powerful muscles, which can be a great aid in walking, as well as keeping the body in upright positions. A lot of ligaments also aid in supporting the entire hip structure.

Hip pain happens to be a highly common symptom associated with any problems of the hip. Hip pain can be felt within the groin, outside of the hips, the butt, the inner thigh, the front thigh, and the knee. As a matter of fact, several patients have gone through knee surgery only to find out it was the hip that had a problem. It would be essential to distinguish hip pain from lower back and knee problems. Everyday activities that get affected because of hip pain would include climbing stairs, standing up, leaving bed, putting on shoes, and even sexual intercourse.

Due to bearing weight, hip pain can oftentimes get aggravated. Arthritis aside, hip pain could be caused by bursitis. Trochanteric bursitis refers to big bursa inflammation on the hip’s side and tends to affect middle-aged people the most. The main symptom would be deep aching hip pain in its outer and upper region and gets worse when a person walks. It is usually at its worst during the night and gets worse by lying on it. Its treatment would include physical therapy, anti-inflammatory medication, stretching exercises, and steroid injection.

One other serious problem that could possibly occur would be hip avascular necrosis. With this problem, patients get severe hip pain through the groin. Bearing weight would be excruciating for these patients and hip pain might be felt every night. Avascular necrosis refers to a condition where the head’s blood supply gets interrupted, killing the femur’s head, where the blood comes from due to a collapse of the bones. The overall diagnosis can be confirmed through MRI scanning, while the overall treatment would include surgical procedures. If patients have conditions of arthritis, treatment modalities have to include physical therapy, anti-inflammatory medication, weight reduction, and exercises, as needed.


Certain exercises of stretching could prove to be very useful, although joint replacement or hip arthroplasty would still be the preferred choice of patients who suffer from end-stage arthritis. Several arthroplasty indications would include the loss of hip functions. Before, restricting problems were that replaced hips only lasted a decade with average use.