Lower Back Pain

All-Natural Treatments for Lower Back Pain

Sufferers of chronic lower back pain usually take pain relief medication; however, making use of these pain killers in the long run could be quite addictive. In fact, in several cases, the human body could become immune to them the more time goes by.

The majority of people will go through lower back pain sometime in life because of work, aging, disease, or play. For the majority of people, lower back pain is only temporary and can get relief through regular exercise, medication, and rest. Several sufferers of lower back pain, however, have no other solution but to take pills.

Thankfully, alternative solutions exist when it comes to relief for lower back pain. First of all, you have to get a chair with great lower back support. Second of all, you have to get infrared products since therapy through infrared heat can help ease the lower back pain.

Infrared refers to electromagnetic radiation with longer rays compared to visible light. The human eye can’t always see infrared rays; however, the human body is capable of instantly feeling the heat like they do in infrared saunas. Whenever you go into infrared saunas, steam is not felt and red lights aren’t seen, but sweat appears in just mere minutes.

Infrared heat from infrared pads passes through the muscles, skin, joints, nerves, bones, blood vessels and ligaments. Infrared heat from pads warms the muscles and makes them relieve tension through relaxation.

One easy way for heat therapy would be the use of infrared heating pads, which can be placed on the lower back to let infrared rays penetrate into the lower back muscles.

Heating pads, which need electricity, however, would not be practical and could be harmful if the pads overheat. Plus, with electrical heated pads, it is not possible to walk around rooms. Several electrical pads only have short wires, so it would be a requirement to sit all day, which could cause even more lower back pain.

Microwave-heating wraps, on the other hand, allow you to walk around and even leave the house to walk. Several microwave-heating pads last for hours after getting heated up inside the microwave for a few minutes.

Take heed that tons of microwave-heating pads tend to explode when heated inside microwaves for far too long, so opt for heated pads that make use of ceramic powder to prevent overheated explosions inside microwaves.

Heating pads even exist that come with belts. Simply place these heating packs onto their belts and wrap them around the lower back. Such microwave-heating pads are portable an can be worn while walking or driving around.


There is no need to worry about wire and electricity hassles. With infrared heated pads, lower back pain can be effectively reduced, so that sufferers of lower back pain can stop taking pills, as well.