Chest Surgery

Chest Surgery for Better Definition

It would seem that both men and women find things about their nature that they are not content with when it comes to their chests. Today, women can turn to breast implants for bigger and fuller chests, as wanted, while men seem too long for defined and firm pectoral muscles. However, not every man has the power to reach this effect, regardless of how much he tries to work out. Because of this, chest surgery can provide help to those men whose muscles simply aren’t built for their desired look through pectoral implants.

Pectoral implant chest surgery seems to be growing in popularity nowadays, with the amount of completed procedures up by eight percent within the last few years. As with a lot of breast implants today, pectoral implants tend to be made out of silicone.

Unlike the breast devices, though, pectoral implants are made out of rigid material, which are flatter in shape and made to be soft yet pliable, while feeling like professionally defined muscles at the same time. Such devices can either be opaque or clear. Cosmetic surgeons provide these pectoral implants in a lot of various sizes to offer the perfect chest proportionality to each man’s body as needed.

As a matter of fact, a lot of plastic surgeons even offer the opportunity to personalise these devices by making moulds of the patient’s personal chest muscles before creating the actual implants. This option is usually the best one for the perfect comfort and the perfect match.

The chest surgery is done while patients are under general anaesthesia. Although local anaesthesia can also be put to use, general anaesthesia is usually preferred. The endoscopic method would involve making tiny incisions underneath the armpits.

The pectoral implants will then get sent through that incision and placed into position by plastic surgeons underneath the patient’s pectoral muscles to make the implants appear to be more natural as they are safe from hitting the skin by natural muscles there. The overall chest surgery effect would simply be to improve and define how a man’s chest looks. After positioning the pectoral implants well, the incisions will be sutured and closed.

The chest surgery takes around 1 ½ hours. Afterwards, the chest will get tightly bound with ACE bandages in order to aid the implants in staying in the proper position and to aid the chest in receiving the required compression amount during the process of healing. Cosmetic surgeons will advise to keep the bandages on for around three weeks.

Recovery usually involves a ton of rest and sleep during the first several days. It also includes some discomfort, swelling and bruising, all of which are manageable by prescribed medications by plastic surgeons. Usually, the swelling will get better quicker after applying ice packs on the affected area.
After pectoral implant chest surgery, patients will have to refrain from raising their arms above their heads for a day or two in order to give incisions proper time to heal. This would also mean that showering is not allowed until plastic surgeons say so.


The majority of men can usually go back to work after a week unless they have to lift and move things a lot at work. Cosmetic surgeons usually warn patients to avoid any intense exercise for months. However, pectoral implant chest surgery procedures can help men improve their confidence through chests that look well-exercised, firm, and defined. Although the chest surgery is simple, its advantages last a very long time.