Lower Back Surgery

Who Needs Lower Back Surgery?

Lower back surgery is done as the very first treatment for people who suffer from lower back pain only in extremely rare cases. Lower back surgery is only undertaken in emergency cases to help significantly reduce the pain as quickly as possible to aid the patients in going on with their everyday chores and routines.

If you have problems with your lower back, there is no need to worry just yet. Not every lower back problem needs lower back surgery. Various other alternatives, like narcotics, happen to exist next to lower back surgery. Before people get recommended for lower back surgery, they will usually get recommended by doctors to make use of narcotic medications first to attempt to address the problem. If this problem persists and remains severe, doctors will then perform lower back surgery to fix the problem.

Most of the time, narcotic drugs are put to use to treat acute lower back cases and prove to be very effective. Still, it would be essential to remember that these only work in the short term. They will be effective on pain for about two weeks and can be put to use to alleviate pain after lower back surgery is performed. The majority of them tend to be addictive and strong, so care needs to be taken whenever they are used. They also need to be prescribed by physicians and not purchased at over-the-counter drug stores. Heat and massage therapy would be other alternatives for short-term lower back pain relief, as well.

Now, this would not mean that no over-the-counter drugs will work to reduce lower back pain. Strong narcotics should only be purchased if prescribed by doctors; however, 'softer' medications can be purchased by you to aid in managing problems of lower back pain. The majority of these happen to be for pain that isn’t extremely severe and not caused by huge traumatic experiences like accidents.

For people who experience cervical spine surgery, the goal would be to attempt to fix overall stability and degenerative disorders. Sometimes, the spine may move in an abnormal manner or nerves might not work the way they should, thus resulting in extreme pain which cervical spine surgery attempts to eliminate to aid patients in living their lives normally.

This serious ailment’s symptoms would include extremely severe and continuous lower back pain and weak lower body parts, most of all the legs, caused by several nerve roots that branch out from the spine. Other common symptoms would include bowel dysfunction, which occurs out of nowhere in the majority of cases.


In case a person goes through any of those symptoms, they should see doctors for further advice. Over-the-counter medications always come with side effects, so patients need to be informed thoroughly prior to taking them. Lower back surgery could also come with complications, so patients need to know which complications might arise at the surgical table prior to accepting lower back surgery into their lives.