Upper Leg Surgery

The Different Kinds of Upper Leg Surgery

Unsightly and loose sagging skin on upper legs can be reduced in an attractive manner through upper leg surgery. An upper leg surgery procedure refers to a method that a lot of people put to use make their upper legs firmer after a lot of weight loss or after pregnancy or just getting older.

Various versions and techniques of upper leg surgery can be found in today’s day and age to suit your personal wants and needs. This would include inner upper leg surgery, medial upper leg surgery, and bilateral upper leg surgery

Inner Upper Leg Surgery

During inner upper leg surgery, plastic surgeons make their incisions between the pubic bone and the inner upper leg, along with triangular incisions that point down towards the inner upper leg. This will then be removed and sometimes liposuction is also done to this area to get rid of any underlying deposits of fat. Afterwards, any leftover skin gets stretched tightly before getting sewn back together.

This will result in firmer inner upper legs, although the scar down the inner upper leg will still be visible. Over time, it will fade a little bit, but not completely leave. Still, any scars that come to being with inner upper leg surgery will usually be worth the patient’s while to enjoy the advantages that come with upper legs that look great.

Medial Upper Leg Surgery

During medial upper leg surgery, cosmetic surgeons make their incision from the inner upper leg to the back and underneath the crease of the buttock. The leg’s skin will get pulled upwards; any additional skin will get cut off; fat will be eliminated, if wanted; and everything will get sutured back into place.

The scars that come about from medial upper leg surgery, although visible, are generally well-hidden within areas that are hard to see, even when bathing suits are worn. Medial upper leg surgery can do wonders in changing the shape of the upper leg while getting rid of saggy and unwanted skin at the same time.

Bilateral Upper Leg Surgery

During bilateral upper leg surgery, plastic surgeons make their incisions along the line underneath the underwear to the side and front of the upper leg. It gets loosened from any underlying tissues and gets pulled up while any additional fat is removed. The leftover skin gets pulled tightly before getting stitched back together. This would be especially useful in improving the side and frontal appearance of the upper leg. The incision is quite easy to hide with swim wear or underwear, as well.

Upper leg surgery could prove to be a great way to eliminate any annoying extra flab, as well as firm up upper legs, whenever exercises and diets do not seem to suffice. If you are not sure which upper leg surgery would be ideal for you, you can consult any qualified plastic surgeon to aid you with any questions you might have.