Hand Surgery

The Various Kinds of Hand Surgery

Getting hand surgery could prove to be a very daunting option because they happen to be body parts that are extremely essential to daily tasks and a lot of people believe they would be better off being left untreated. However, if something like that is left untreated, a lot of problems could occur in the long term. A lot of different tactics are involved when it comes to hand surgery. Depending on the condition at hand, you need to find hand surgery that will succeed in helping you out.

If your hands always hurt or if you get diagnosed with conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome, your life could get very difficult to live on a personal level (think about gardening, cooking, and cleaning) and a business level (think about filing, typing, and building). Not having the ability to finish personal tasks due to such pain could prove to be highly frustrating. Because of this, hand surgery comes into the picture.

Various types of hand surgery procedures exist in today’s day and age, depending on the problem that you face when it comes to your extremities. First of all, your doctor will go through consultations to find out your general health level, as well as to find out exactly what is wrong with you. People who smoke or are obese would not be great candidates for hand surgery.

One common thing that comes with hand dysfunctions would be retracted tendons. These usually occur through injuries whenever tendons pull away from their actual required locations.

During hand surgery, surgeons will make incisions, use the forceps to grab tendons and pull them back into their actual locations. Then, they will reattach them. When it comes to carpal tunnel syndrome, two options exist: endoscopic and surgical. When it comes to the surgical option, incisions are usually made from the hand’s palm all the way to the wrist to show the affected tissue. Doctors will enter and alleviate the pressure in there and then stitch it back up. Quite similarly, the endoscopic option would work the same way except without any incisions made.

If birth deformities are getting fixed, such as fused fingers, doctors will make incisions between these fused fingers in order to take them apart. Before doing this, however, surgeons might have to do bone or skin grafts to make sure that the fingers look normal after hand surgery. Patients might also have to go through physical therapy to get each movement back.


If you have hand troubles, hand surgery might be a great idea for you. It would be very important to ensure that everything is done under licensed practitioners, though, so that can answer every question you might come up with. After making diagnoses, you should end up with a successful operation, which will bring you a complete motion range along with the ability to do anything you need and want to do.