Cosmetic Surgery

Teenage Cosmetic Surgery – Yay or Nay?

Teenage cosmetic surgery is quite a controversial topic and has been studied lots of times. The latest results have shown that an increase in cosmetic surgery is occurring among teens, with the most wanted operations being breast implants and liposuction.

These results presented discussions between doctors who were concerned about those teenagers that looked for cosmetic surgery and its relation to dysmorphic disorders of the body; this mental condition is known as a body part obsession. Paediatricians say that, as teenagers get older, their images of their body change rapidly along with their age. Because of this, an ongoing concern exists on the dearth of long-term research that exists on the psychological and physiological repercussions of teenage cosmetic surgery.

Researchers have also shown apprehensions regarding financial and health consequences in the long term with breast implants that have limited spans of life. The all-important question would be what would happen to the youth after these devices actually expire.

Similar anxieties involve the accepted teenage reality and their inability to take a look at the risks the way adults would since their brains are still at a young stage. Every concern mixed with one another has given paediatricians, doctors and even the public understandable concern regarding the rise in teenage cosmetic surgery. Significant amounts of cosmetic surgeons have already taken several steps to forbid teenage cosmetic surgery from being done on their watch.

Conversely, cosmetic surgery isn’t necessarily a completely negative thing when it comes to teenagers. Teenagers who suffer from appalling acne due to hormonal changes can improve their self-confidence and overall lives through chemical peels, for example. Such cosmetic surgery procedures can reduce the acne, as well as any subsequent pock marks and scars.

Younger girls with overdeveloped breasts sometimes have trouble taking part in sports and might even have to go through male leering, giving them better chances of enjoying normal lives after going through cosmetic surgery involving breast reduction.

Then, there are those teenagers that suffer from lacerations, deviated septum’s, and burn injuries and can regain normal lives thanks to the advancements in cosmetic surgery procedures.

Guardians and parents have to take several essential factors into consideration before choosing to put their teenagers through cosmetic surgery. In general, cosmetic surgery comes with a lot of advantages, even though it also has its limitations. If the problem merely lies within the mind of the teenager, cosmetic surgery should never be the cure.


If your teenager is the one who brings up the prospect of cosmetic surgery, you need to sit down with your child to figure out why this request has come about. Emotional maturity would be an absolute necessity when it comes to taking cosmetic surgery into consideration and teenagers are usually not emotionally stable yet to make such a decision. Alcohol or drug abuse, mood swings, mental illnesses or clinical depressions within teenagers would be negative variables that go against any potential of going through cosmetic surgery.