Elbow Surgery

How helpful is Elbow Surgery?

Do you experience extreme elbow pain each time you move or touch your elbow? This could be attributed to a condition known as "tennis elbow", which develops from tiny tears that occur within the muscle coverings and tendons of the elbow. This condition happens to be very common with tennis players, but other people suffer from it, as well. Although this condition can be treated through medication, proper exercise, or elbow support braces, elbow surgery is sometimes the only choice that remains within more stubborn tennis elbow cases.

Usually, the body is capable of healing alone and the elbows simply have to rest by getting rid of aggravating activities from daily routines for a while. This will allow the body to heal naturally. However, in several extreme tennis elbow cases, the pain could last for months requiring instant remedial action. Elbow surgery would then be recommended for instant relief for agonizing discomfort and pain.

Because elbow surgery is generally a last resort treatment option, doctors always make use of other options first before recommending surgery to any patient. Icing the area and over-the-counter medications would be several simple measures to fight elbow pain. Because of the inherent risks that come with invasive elbow surgery, however, doctors will only recommend it if the pain disrupts everyday life. Because of this, elbow surgery will not be considered until patients have gone through more conservative treatments for around half a year first. Cortisone shots can also be used to reduce elbow pain. Only when the pain refuses to subside despite every effort will elbow surgery be considered.

If every elbow surgery criteria is met, doctors might take one kind of invasive lateral epicondylitis surgery for tennis elbow treatment. The first invasive elbow surgery involves making a 3cm arm incision. During elbow surgery, the sheaths of the tendon will be trimmed and the incision will be closed afterwards. Conversely, the second kind of invasive elbow surgery involves cutting the arm open and releasing tendons from the bones with the use of scalpels. Because both invasive elbow surgeries are done on an outpatient basis, patients can go home right after elbow surgery, provided their arms are placed inside slings.


Arms could also be wrapped up in plaster casts, depending on the elbow surgery’s overall extent, as well as the evaluation of the doctor. It would be essential to keep the patient’s arm elevated in order to reduce the swelling. Also, the arm needs to stay clean and dry to maintain good hygiene. Additionally, moisture within the earlier stages of elbow surgery could weaken the body’s scar tissue and should therefore be avoided, no matter what. For the greatest results in elbow surgery, it would be essential follow the doctor’s advice and consult him immediately if the pain gets any worse.