Upper Arm Surgery

Upper Arm Surgery – Get Rid of Flab!

A great advancement in today's day and age of liposuction technology would be the invention of tumescent liposuction and microcannulas which allows upper arm surgery to be performed on the human body.

In general, women are the ones who opt for upper arm surgery since they are not capable of getting rid of additional fat within this area through regular exercises and diets. Microcannular tumescent liposuction happens to produce great results whenever used on female upper arms.

The main objective of upper arm surgery would be to lower the appearance of upper arm fat which usually comes with age or weight gain. The thoughts of wanting to eliminate fat upper arms usually occur due to self-consciousness in women whenever they have to don bathing suits or short-sleeved clothes.

Fortunately, with the advanced tactics available today, upper arms can get contoured while easily eliminating additional fat at the same time. This will result in arms with a more proportionate look and feel and can help promote female self-confidence after the experience the upper arm surgery.

With the use of the technique of microcannular tumescent liposuction, extremely small incisions get placed into numerous locations around the arms, while microcannulas get inserted in order to eliminate additional fat tissue all over the arms.
The objective of upper arm surgery would be to eliminate the additional fat, as well as leave thin residual fat layers to make sure that the woman’s arms stay supple and soft, just like the arms of women should be.

If every bit of fat is taken out of the upper arms, women could end up looking like they are physically deformed or simply look like a man.

Anterior axillary fat pads can be found within the front armpit chest area. Although they aren’t part of upper arms in the technical sense, they usually appear bigger in women as they get older and therefore need to be reduced during upper arm surgery.

This area’s fatty deposits usually bulge whenever a woman wears a bra. If this isn’t included within the upper arm surgery, they will seem out of place next to great upper arms that are newly-shaped.

Along with anterior axillary fat pads, posterior axillary fat pads exist, which can be found on the armpit back area. The same way anterior axillary fat pads tend to cause unsightly bulges; posterior axillary fat pads do the same. Because of this, they should also be taken out after upper arm surgery to reach the greatest results possible.

After upper arm surgery is done along with the axillary fat pads, compression and absorbent bandages should be applied onto the area. After two days, you should come to notice an abrupt stop in drainage from the area of upper arm surgery. After that, you can get rid of every bandage.


Although every kind of surgery comes with different risks, it is possible to significantly reduce these risks through upper arm surgery by working only with experienced and skilled plastic surgeons.