Neck Surgery

Look Younger with Neck Surgery

Necks filled with sagging skin and wrinkles would be a dead giveaway of anybody's age. No matter how young your face may look, the neck can easily betray your real years to anybody. With neck surgery, however, you can get your youthful appearance back in those sagging neck muscles in no time.

Neck surgery, or cervicoplasty, refers to the elimination of sagging skin, as well as the repositioning and tightening of the neck muscles (also called platysma). Usually, this is combined with various other operations of plastic surgery, such as brow lifts, face lifts, forehead lifts and various other enhancements of the face.

Neck surgery procedures could last from two to three hours. After giving their patient a general or local anaesthesia, surgeons will make their incisions under the patient’s chin all the way up to behind the ears. This will loosen the skin from underlying muscles tissues and pull it back.

Then, the muscles get tightened with the use of sutures and any unwanted and unneeded fatty deposits can get taken out through liposuction or with plastic surgeon scalpels. The skin of the neck skin will be stretched up to the chin, while any additional sagging skin will be removed and the incision closed up. This will result in slimmer, smoother and younger-looking necks!

Patients that choose to go through neck surgery will experience some bruising, discomfort, and swelling during the initial days after the neck surgery. It would be recommended to rest a lot after neck surgery and patients might get drains placed under their skin to collect any fluid that will reduce the pain and time of the entire process of healing. Drains can then be removed after a day or two.

Surgeons will also instruct patients of neck surgery to wear compression garments in order to cut swelling down to a minimum after the neck surgery is performed. These garments will have to be worn 24/7 during the initial week and for nights afterwards until every wound is completely healed up.

The pain after neck surgery is manageable through the cosmetic surgeon’s prescribed medications. Although the whole period of recovery will take much longer, the majority of people who undergo neck surgery are usually capable of going back to work and regular everyday activities around two weeks post-neck surgery.

Neck surgery risks are minimal, while its complications are very rare, making it a type of surgery that is extremely safe. However, several possible risks do exist with any kind of surgery, such as infection risks during the incision. This problem can be prevented by ensuring that the wound is kept clean and that makeup and similar products are never used over this incision. One other potential risk would be allergic reactions to anaesthesia or post-neck surgery drugs.


Great candidates for neck surgery would be people who have stable and great health. Smokers would be required to stop smoking two weeks prior to surgery to get rid of any possible problems involved with the process of healing that could be caused by the cigarettes’ nicotine.